Parents often encourage their kids to eat fruits and vegetables — but what if their kids could apply those fruits and veggies directly to their skin?

A startup by an Austin entrepreneur has created a line of products to do just that.

Brizy Tait, 30, is the founder of Little Roseberry, which has created a line of all-natural lotions, body washes and moisturizers for children that are made from fruits and vegetables to feed their skin vitamins and antioxidants.

With plans to soon expand into products tailored to adults as well, Tait will be tapping even further into the swiftly growing market for natural and organic personal-care products.

Tait’s inspiration came a few years ago when her son Terje, who turns 6 this month, was a toddler. She went searching for skin-care products that would not only soothe his tender skin but also feed it with vitamins and antioxidants sourced from fruits and veggies.

Finding no such products on local store shelves, Tait, a licensed cosmetologist with a background in biochemistry, decided to create her own brand of chemical- and fragrance-free lotions, body washes, moisturizers and hair products for kids.ait said she knows of no other similar products on the market made with real fruits and vegetables — carrots, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and tomatoes, among others — along with other baby-safe ingredients that soothe children’s skin.The current product line contains broccoli seed oil, carrot seed oil, berries and more. The new line debuting this spring will have full servings of fruit and veggies, including spinach and kale.

“Currently, no other children’s product line focuses on the importance of feeding our body’s largest organ with the vitamins and nutrients needed to (slow) the aging process that actually begins at birth,” Tait said. “There are a few other good brands out there that I would consider purchasing if I wasn’t making my own line, but none of them feed the skin nutrients from fruits and vegetables like we do. Just like you feed the internal organs multivitamins, the same goes for the outside organ with our products.”

Tait said she funded her startup with personal savings. A laboratory in Oregon helped her create her initial line in 2013, which included Berry Silky Lotion and Berry Shiny Hair & Body Wash. In 2014, she switched to a lab in Dallas that was able to manufacture larger product amounts.

Last fall, Little Roseberry expanded to include an eczema cream, a baby sleep remedy oil, a baby massage oil, a hair detangler and a hair-styling gel.

The products are sold through Amazon as well as four children’s boutiques in Texas currently, including in Austin at Bright Beginnings Children’s Clothing. The company also is selling the products through its website.

Ranging in price from $10 to $16, Little Roseberry’s products are 70 percent organic and contain aloe juice rather than water. Some also have monoï oil, which is derived from soaking the blossoms of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. Tait said the ultra-moisturizing oil has been used for centuries by Tahitians.

Tait declined to disclose sales to date, but said she currently is reinvesting all revenue back into her company. Next, she plans to roll out a revamped line of the same products but tailored to adults.

‘Just like you feed the internal organs multivitamins, the same goes for the outside organ.’
Brizy Tait
Founder of Little Roseberry

Hailey Myers, owner of Fancy Pants, a children’s boutique in San Angelo, sells the Little Roseberry line at her store and says they have been a hit with customers.

“It’s a wonderful line and we’re very excited to have it,” said Myers, who uses Little Roseberry’s eczema cream on her 5-year-old daughter Madison.

The products also are endorsed by Jeska Bailey, a photographer and singer who lives in San Angelo who has landed auditions on TV’s “American Idol” and “The Voice.”

“It’s just an amazing product that we love in our home,” Bailey said in a YouTube testimonial. Bailey said she has had several bouts of skin cancer, and uses Little Rose-berry’s Soothing Creme nightly to nourish her skin. She said she also uses the company’s hair-detangler spray on her daughter Bella.

For Tait, a native of Torreón, Mexico, the new venture is a natural progression for someone who as a teenager was “obsessed” with a Spanish-language magazine that had do-it-yourself beauty recipes for skin and hair. They inspired Tait to create her own facial masks with fruits like bananas and papayas.

Tait said she went on to earn an associates degree in biochemistry engineering from the Torreón campus of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (The Autonomous University of Coahuila) and become a licensed cosmetologist.

She said she also has studied at the International Dermal Institute in Dallas.

“The most important value I got from biochemistry is the knowledge about chemicals,” she said. “Combining this with my cosmetology background, I learned what we should not be applying in our bodies. There are a lot of chemicals that act as fillers or dangerous preservatives that we don’t need to use in our bodies.”

Tait said her first entrepreneurial success came at 23, when she launched Keep Austin Gorgeous, a salon and beauty spa that grew into a business with 15 employees and almost $500,000 in revenue in 12 months.

Her new company has three full-time employees. Contractors are hired as needed to help with shipping, logistics, social media and Internet marketing.

In 2015, she plans to expand her focus into the preteen market, offering bimonthly deliveries of natural skin products to young girls and sessions where they could learn healthy hygiene habits and build self-esteem.

“As a small business and mompreneur, I have to be patient and work as many hours as we can on our very unique brand and budget,” Tait said. “The growth has been relatively slow, but we know the value in our products, and as soon as people learn about what makes us unique, the company will snowball.”

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