Every day is a new adventure at Little Roseberry HQ… Our latest endeavor is the creation of our Signature Scent. Most brands have a unique scent and we couldn’t be the exception. When you open any Little Roseberry product you should immediately know this is a product that you can trust on those that you love most—your kids. Last week we finally got the opportunity to meet with Al and Daniela, two wonderful perfumers in Texas. Al, is a master of scents and knows so much about the perfume industry from his 50 years of experience. And, Daniela is an absolutely delight to work with who trained in France at Grasse, the World Capital of Perfume.

During our trip to the “Scent Depot”, I was given the inside scoop on what a company like Estée Lauder goes through to select their signature scents. Al, mentioned that Mrs. Lauder could go through two to three hundred variations before selecting the final version of their newest perfume... INCREDIBLE STUFF!

When I arrived, Daniela first asked the goal of creating the Little Roseberry scent. We explained that the Little Roseberry Signature Scent needed to combine healthy and baby safe essential oil blends that would make a fresh, sweet scent which evokes the care and love you feel for your kids. It must inspire the trust that Little Roseberry stands for with its all natural, cruelty-free, kid tested and mommy approved products. When the cap opens, our customer must know this is a Little Roseberry product and no other.

It takes real science to make a natural fragrance (i.e. combination of essential oils). Master perfumers make complicated formulas of essential oils, adding a note of this and a note of that, to create a tiny 1/2 ounce test run. This process can take hours to create and then weeks to perfect by analyzing the best qualities of the hundreds of samples created. After only a few hours, we had our first test run. The smell was almost perfect and we could feel the 50 years of experience coming to life in this tiny bottle. The Little Roseberry Signature Scent was being born before our very eyes. In a few days we will have 6 more blends to compare and in no time, we’ll marry the new scent with all of our products.

I am personally enjoying every aspect of the creation of Little Roseberry as a company overall and we are growing and developing more each day. The best part, however, is the wonderful people that I have the opportunity to meet on this journey. The journey started out of need for a product for my son, but has evolved into so much more, due in no small to your amazing feedback and suggestions. Please keep them coming and I promise to infuse that same passion into every bottle with the Little Roseberry name for years to come.

During our journey to create the Signature Scent to Little Roseberry, we learned a lot about the perfume industry. Did you know:

• Grasse, a town located in France, on the French Riviera, is considered the World Capital of Perfume. You can even get a degree in perfumery there.

• One pound of rose essential oil costs around $900 US dollars. Why? Because it takes about 60,000 roses to produce just one ounce of oil.

• Chamomile essential oil makes a calming and relaxing scent. It is safe and a common ingredient for baby and children products. Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm and prepare you for a restful sleep, making it a popular oil (or tea) to use before bed. Chamomile oil is known to help fight infection, inflammation and parasites while inducing calm and relaxation. Powerful stuff!

Thank you for believing in Little Roseberry!


Size: 4ounces

Fragrance: Unscented


Made with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Witch Hazel to promote hair wellbeing. Our Hair Gel for kids offers a gentle formula packed with vitamins to protect delicate hair. Our organic Hair Gel works for kids all ages! Light Hold Gel, perfect for the whole family!. Natural Hair Gel for men, that will not promote hair loss.  100% Toxin-free (No parabens, Sulfates), Vegan and cruelty-free. When we say fragrance and dye-free, we absolutely mean it! You won’t find any nasty chemicals that leave behind dry, greasy or sticky build up, as compared to other top name brands.