Little Roseberry Hair Detangler Spray for kids is Made with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and natural vitamins to promote hair wellbeing. It’s versatile and can be used not only as hair detangler but as a leave in conditioner






    At Little Roseberry, we’re passionate about products that care for your children with ingredients that make you feel great.

    That is why every one of our children products starts with 100% organic aloe juice. So enjoy life with your family, and say Aloe to Little Roseberry children products.

    Located in Austin, Texas, our company focuses on making the best children products on the market today. Our natural products are chemical & fragrance free. Made in the USA, and never tested on animals.

    Happy Parenting!

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    Little Roseberry Hair Gel Voted Best Organic Gel!
    Little Roseberry Hair Gel Voted Best Organic Gel!

    Best Reviewed Hair Gel for Kids!
    Best Reviewed Hair Gel for Kids!


    Smells Yummy! ~ Jen (amazon)

    Love the berry shiny wash! It smells amazing, suds easily and rinses just as easy. My littles both liked it:) I like knowing that safe products are going on them. I purchased this at a discount in exchange for our honest review!

    Perfect for my daughter's hair! ~ ThatMotherBlogger (Amazon)

    My daughter has horrible knots in her hair. It’s hard to tell in the photos but the back of her head gets a huge ball of hair all tangled up. I’ve tried the Johnson and Johnson detangler and although it smells great it doesn’t work at all on her hair. This is way better than anything I have used on her hair. So i would say it's a win win both of us.

    Natural gel without sticky Residual ~ Cindy (Amazon)

    This gel is natural and doesn't have the sticky residual that typically hair gels have. It definitely has a more lighter hold especially for kids with thicker hair as my son's hair fell down within a couple hours. Overall, it's a decent product that I would buy again.



    Size: 4ounces

    Fragrance: Unscented


    Made with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Witch Hazel to promote hair wellbeing. Our Hair Gel for kids offers a gentle formula packed with vitamins to protect delicate hair. Our organic Hair Gel works for kids all ages! Light Hold Gel, perfect for the whole family!. Natural Hair Gel for men, that will not promote hair loss.  100% Toxin-free (No parabens, Sulfates), Vegan and cruelty-free. When we say fragrance and dye-free, we absolutely mean it! You won’t find any nasty chemicals that leave behind dry, greasy or sticky build up, as compared to other top name brands.