5 Healthy Habits for Fall

5 Healthy Habits for Fall



Autumn has arrived, a season of the year that is characterized by having shorter days, a cooler temperature and rainier climate. All this turns into some changes that can have consequences on our health, both physical and mental. The changing leaves and the cool breeze in autumn is a reminder that life moves fast. We all have to make sure we take care of ourselves because it can be hard when there's so much going on outside our own little worlds! That's why from the Little Roseberry family here are a few of the things that have worked for us to have an amazing fall season.


Get your Immune System ready!



With the cold and rainy weather, it is a good idea to increase our defenses in our immune system to be prepared for seasonal colds and flu. In order to achieve this, nothing beats taking care of your food intake.

A good option is opting for a diet in which the amount of fat is reduced, since it has been shown to decrease the response capacity of the immune system. Base your diet on fruits, vegetables, and greens, which are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals!

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You should also eat seasonal foods such as mushrooms, figs or leeks which are excellent sources of antioxidants. Furthermore it is essential to include a lot more iron-rich food in your diet if you want strengthen the immune system and avoid anemia. One must look out for legumes, eggs, fish, liver, meat, vegetables like spinach chard , etc., all these will help keep up with their stamina levels by making sure there's enough oxygen being delivered around every corner!


Relax and Enjoy.



Autumn, with its dull colors, shorter days and rain, is a time of year that can negatively affect our mood. So that these changes are faced in a positive way, relax and enjoy the benefits that this season of the year also offers us. See the good in the situation, think of the coziness, the hot cocoa and holidays coming up, whether you’re all up for Halloween or Thanksgiving, plan for those fun moments you want to enjoy.

It is also essential not to abandon yourself to apathy and instead plan a whole lot of activities that make you feel good: hiking, baking, scrapbooking, knitting a new scarf for the upcoming winter, etc. One way to help you feel good with yourself and others is stimulating creativity. This can be done through writing, painting or reading among other things that are fun for the brain!

One of my favorite ways I've found in which I am able to stimulate creative thought has been by simply taking time out each day where there's no demands on me but instead giving myself permission just sit back relax and listen to music, do whatever it takes not let anything distract you from this moment.


Good Old Sleep.



Good sleep helps you feel better, more positive, and in good health. To help you get a good rest, remember these two tips: do not go to bed with a full stomach, as this will cause your body temperature to rise and your blood sugar level to rise, making it difficult for you to fall asleep, and try not to drink coffee past 3:00 p.m.

We know this last one might be a challenge for some of you, especially when the weather is perfect for a hot drink. Try some relaxing teas instead. That way you’ll get the comfort of a nice drink without the aftermath of caffeine.


Get Active!



Sport and physical activity is an essential part of our day-to-day life, which contributes to improving our health, sleeping better and feeling mentally sane. When doing physical activity in the fall, keep these tips in mind:

Bundle up well: before going out to practice sports, it is convenient to bundle up, especially the most delicate and exposed parts of our body: neck, chest, ankles and wrists.

Increase your stretching and warm-up time: during the fall, you should spend more time on these two activities. It’ll help you avoid injuries and will get your body ready for action.

Bring spare clothes: especially on cold days, it might be a good idea to bring spare clothes to remove any that might become too wet due to sweat.


Stay Healthy.



During autumn, the arrival of colder climate affects and irritates the respiratory tract, modifying its functioning and making them more susceptible to infections and changes in the mucous membranes. The perfect way to keep your immune system strong during these cold, flu season is by getting plenty of rest and eating healthy foods.

For extra protection wear clothes that are warm enough for the air temperature where you live or work so it can be difficult for viruses like coughs and sneezes from entering through gaps in one's defenses!


So make sure that as the leaves start changing color and falling from the trees, enjoy this time doing some of your favorite fall activities. It's important that everyone is safe while enjoying fall weather so be sure not to forget these tips, we hope you find them helpful for you and your family.

These precautions will help ensure we get through this season safely and happily. And remember to share with us any other tips or ideas you might have! What’s your best tip for surviving fall? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy Parenting!



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