6 Books to Inspire Healthy Habits to Children

6 Books to Inspire Healthy Habits to Children


March is National Reading Month! The tradition starts with Read Across America Day on March 2. This day commemorates the birthday of Dr. Seuss, author of many childhood classics such as The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Celebrate this month by picking up a book and reading to your favorite child today!  Reading is an integral part of character building from the time we are born and throughout our lives. It helps us learn, escape, and grow as humans. In honor of Read Across America Day, celebrate by reading for 30 minutes today and spending some quality time with your kids!

Little Roseberry came up with six book recommendations that we know you’ll love.  As a parent, you want to give your child all the love and support that they need. There are so many ways for them to learn about the world around them, but there’s something special about reading books together as a family.  Help get your child on the path to a healthy lifestyle with these books that will teach kids about eating right, exercising, and much more.


 1. I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

Lola is a picky eater. She hates carrots and mashed potatoes, but when she hears the imaginative stories her brother tells about them, Lola decides to give them a try!  If you have picky eaters at home, this book will help convince anyone that these new foods are actually yummy!


2. Tumble Bunnies by Kathryn Lasky

Clyde is worried nobody will ever choose him for the team because he's so small and clumsy. Luckily, a day comes when his best friend Rosemary introduces tumbling to him. It doesn't require any teams, just individual skill! Clyde decides to enter the Tumbling event, and learns that fitness is more than meets the eye. This story will motivate your child to engage in physical activity and realize that fitness can be anything they want it to be!


3. Good Night, Animal World by Giselle Shardlow

Imagining the movements of animals has been shown to help children relax and reduce their stress. Always looking for ways to better themselves, parents are always interested in how they can do this with their child as well. This book is a great way to start! Through yoga poses and moves that imitate different animals, your child will learn how to unwind before bedtime. The cool part? They just have to pretend like they're an animal! With these exercises, your child will be able to sleep like an angel every night.


4. The Boy Who Loved Broccoli by Sarah A. Creighton

The Boy Who Loved Broccoli tells the story of a young boy who loves broccoli so much that it gave him superpowers! He uses his powers to help others and convinces them to eat their vegetables too. By following Baxter's example, kids will grow up big and strong like him. It is an imaginative tale of how one can enjoy eating healthy food and the benefits you get from eating them!


5. Everyone Can Learn To Ride A Bicycle by Chris Raschka

One of the most rewarding experiences for a child is learning how to ride a bike. This book uses beautiful pictures and short explanations to show kids how they can take their first successful pedal strokes and how simple it can be!  After reading this book, we're sure your kid will want to learn to ride a bike. You might even be tempted to go out and get them one!


6. A Germ's Journey by Thom Rooke, MD

Germs and other illnesses love Rudy. He sneezes, and they're off to infect all his friends.  They jump from seat to seat on the bus and spread like wildfire at home.  This book shows just how easily germs can make their way around town and why we need to be careful around our little germ carriers!  Your kids won’t hesitate to listen to you next time you ask them to wash their hands.

So now it’s time to read some books! Throughout the week, let us know how you’re liking our recommendations by commenting on this article or posting on our facebook and instagram and tagging us. While you're at it, come check us out on YouTube. You can use the hashtag #healthyreading  and make sure you share with us your favorite reads as well!  Don’t forget to share this article with everyone you love to spread the word.  Happy reading!




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