Skin is our largest organ and it seems like something most adults worry about whenever they see signs of acne, sun damage or wrinkles.  But why try to fix skin problems when you can prevent them? In Little Roseberry we believe that skin care is something that we should start teaching our kids as soon as they're old enough to wash their faces. There are a few things you can do with your child to establish healthy habits and teach them how to have beautiful skin for the long run!

So what’s the big deal? The skin is one of the most important organs in our body. It provides a barrier between us and danger, keeps moisture inside while keeping bacteria out, and helps regulate temperature to keep you comfortable no matter what the outside might be like. 


However with all this responsibility comes another: taking care of it. Youngsters should begin practicing good skincare habits early on so that they will take them into their adult life as well. While there may seem to be many products available for sale these days promising quick fixes for any imaginable problem or condition your skin could have, research has shown children learn best when they are actively involved in making decisions about how things work around them; meaning instead of just telling kids what to do, have a routine set up for them that will eventually become a healthy habit.
Here are a few things you can teach your children about their skin:


Using lukewarm water to wash your face.
Lukewarm water is essential to keeping your skin healthy. Though hot water can remove dirt, it irritates the skin and cold water won't be able to clean properly. Teach your kids that if you cannot put your hand below the spout when it's running, then don’t wash with that temperature!


Make sure they wash their face before going to bed.
You know the drill. Every night before bed, kids brush their teeth but they should also be washing their face! If you don’t implement this now, start doing so because dirt and germs will build up on their skin overnight as well as bacteria that can cause acne or other problems down the line.



Talk to them about the consequences of direct sunlight.
We all sure need our doses of Vitamin D and little tykes can enjoy the outdoors just as much as adults, but they’re a lot more sensitive to the sun. Make sure your little ones understand that they should be wearing hats and sunglasses in order for them to stay safe from direct exposure to sunlight. Teach them that they should always wear sunscreen and protective clothing whenever they will be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Leave scabs and acne alone.
For the sake of your child's skin, teach them to keep their hands off it. Messing with pimples or scabs can cause bacteria and picking can lead to scarring and permanent problems with acne if left untreated.


The importance of moisturizing.
If you want your baby or child to have their skin retain that healthy, radiant glow they had as a newborn (and keep away those pesky allergies!), then moisturize! Moisturizer not only keeps the moisture in but also helps protect against environmental pollutants and allergens.


Drinking plenty of water.
When the body is hydrated, it will become healthier and more beautiful. Drinking water helps to cleanse our cells of impurities while moisturizing your skin for longer periods of time. It regulates bowel movements as well! Teach your  kiddos to drink up on a daily basis in order to keep them healthy from the inside out with good-looking skin.

    This is why Little Roseberry is always on the lookout for the safest and most beneficial ingredients for our Natural line of products for children.  We believe that if we constantly try to eat the healthiest foods, why should the products we use on our skin and hair be any different? Little Roseberry Natural Hair Gel for Kids is packed with vitamins and Aloe Vera, while Little Roseberry Detangler for Kids is made with Rosemary and White Willow Bark. And we can’t forget about our Baby Sleep Remedy, which is a potion that includes all kinds of beneficial essential oils.


    We've looked at all the things you can teach your children about skincare. As a parent, we know that this is an important responsibility to take on and one of our most valuable lessons as parents. Along with teaching them how to prevent sun damage, acne and wrinkles now before they become problems later in life, it's also imperative for us to pass on these tips so our kids will have healthy skin well into adulthood. What are some other things you would like to see added? Share them with us!

    Happy Parenting :) 


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