A Shocking Brain Injury Nearly Ended Her Life...

A Shocking Brain Injury Nearly Ended Her Life...

The doctors are calling Maria Hernandez a Miracle.
On July 4th of 2019, an accident with confidential details occurred that left Little Roseberry's COO in the hospital fighting to live.
The accident was not Maria's fault, but today, it is her responsibility to heal. 
My name is Brizy Tait, and I'm the CEO of Little Roseberry. I'm writing to ask you for help for Maria Hernandez. 
Maria's brain injury left her completely incompetent to walk, eat or move
In fact, doctors even discussed "disconnecting her", or allowing her to die...
Maria is, however, a miracle
God isn't through with her, yet...
It is with great joy that I tell you that doctors are confident in Maria's recovery.
With your help, Maria will be able to walk, talk, and come back to the office where she infuses Little Roseberry with high energy and love for every single family she touches as our COO.
"Miracle" Maria is a warrior; and the next step in her fight is to return to her body, her children, her husband, her grandchildren, and her Little Roseberry family.
Here at Little Roseberry we are committed to making Maria's story public so that you will never have to face what comes next...
Maria needs $1,500 a day in professional medical support to continue her healing.
And her family here at Little Roseberry and at her home in Austin, Texas need her, too.
We believe in the power of community.
By spreading awareness about Maria's story, we can spread awareness for so many thousands of others who've had accidents take their bodies from them.
Here are a few ways we can help heal Maria and so many thousands of other beautiful souls like her.
  • Please first donate to her gofundme campaign: gf.me/u/wdv95v
  • You may send her thoughts via a card message or even flowers to the address below.
  • Email loving words or a video meditation/prayer to Maria at hello@littleroseberry.com
Maria's Address: 
A Healing Brain - Maria Luisa Hernandez
C/O Little Roseberry
3616 Far West Blvd. Suite 117, Austin, TX 78731
As the holiday season comes around, I encourage you to imagine what it would feel like for you and your family to contribute to Maria's family finally being reunited with her.
I don't know about you, but if I saw a "gift" addressed to me that showed a GoFundMe receipt for Maria, I would feel honored and elated.  
There are some "gifts" that are priceless.  
The gift of helping one another is one of them.
You deserve that opportunity, as we believe Maria deserves a chance to live again with mobility, clarity, and that compassionate heart we here at Little Roseberry can't get enough of. 

Thank you for reading this letter.
With all my gratitude and love,
-Brizy Tait


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