Ready for some backyard game ideas that both you and your whole family will fall in love with this summer? Little Rosberry has these shenanigans totally covered for you. Picture these fun games next to a day of pool parties, margaritas (Juice for the kids) and oversized hammocks. Sounds a little bit like paradise, doesn't it?

1. Oversized Memory Game

1. Use 10 + sheets of poster board, 2. Draw matching numbers or pictures on each half, and 3. cut down the middle. Then place your cards outside, face down and take turns guessing and matching them up.

2. Spray Paint Twister

Simply spray-paint the different colored circles right onto the grass, and continue playing until the next time you have to mow.

3. Scavenger Hunt A la Spaghetti

You hide small items (like skittles or Jelly Beand) in giant plates of spaghetti, set the plates down on a safely covered picnic table, and have family and friends search for them, using their mouths only, of course! It's messy and so much fun-- perfect for the great outdoors!

4. GIANT Pick Up Sticks

Spray paint bamboo yard sticks a slew of different colors. One of them will need to be black, aka the “moving stick.” Let them dry, then add a clear coat and let that dry too. You're ready for a game of giant pick up sticks!

5. Water Dodgeball

Play just like regular dodgeball (no hitting the face!) but with water balloons!

6. Piñata Water balloons

Just fill and hang balloons, and then break them! Use a timer to see who can break the most balloons the quickest, or have a race to the finish by doing in blindfolded and all at once.

7. Frozen T-Shirt Contest

1. Soak a bunch of t-shirts in water, 2. Put in plastic bags, and 3. Place in freezer for the night.  The next day you'll be ready for the race to see who can “defrost” and pull on a frozen t-shirt the fastest. Perfect for those extremely hot Texas summer days...You won't want to take the t-shirt off!

8. Pool Noodle Fun, minus the H20

See how many balloons you can get into laundry baskets using ONLY a pool noodle.


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