Splashing around in the same ole tub with the same ole toys has the potential to get a little redundant. Don't let your little ones' bath time be a boring time. Try these three super easy but incredibly fun bath ideas and the kiddos will be begging to get clean!

1. Glowing bath

That's right, you can make your bathtub glow. You'll just need a blacklight and some B Vitamins high in thiamine. Simply pound two of these vitamins up by putting in a bag and pounding with a mallet. From there, add a glass of warm water and mix up. Once dissolved, add this mixture to your tub of water and with the use of your blacklight, your tub is ready to glow! As a side note, though you don't want your kids drinking cups of this bath water, it is completely safe to bathe in and totally fine if some splashes into their mouths.

 2. Bath Paints   

All you need here is shaving cream and food coloring. Add a few drops of food coloring for each cup of shaving cream you use. Put each color into a small cup, and feel free to give your little one a small paint brush for the bath. There you have it! Painting in the bath with just two easy peasy ingredients!

3. Bath Paints

Snow is a rarity in Texas, and chances are your kiddos have never even seen the sight of the stuff. But did you know they can make their very own snow with just baking powder and water?!

Just slowly add water to baking soda until you can mold it. It needs to be damp but not overly wet. Add more baking powder if you accidentally add too much water. Finally, put the faux snow in the freezer for about 30 minutes before bath time. Your bath snow will be cold and crunchy, just like real snow!

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