Easy Peasy Thanksgiving DIYs

Easy Peasy Thanksgiving DIYs

'Tis the season to spend extra time with family, and that means more time for crafting too! You and the kids will absolutely love putting together these easy and fun Thankgiving DIYs! 
Turkey Ornament Treats 
Buy a clear, plastic ornament ball, clean and fill with a treat such as M&M's or Reese Pieces. Use scrapbook paper, googly eyes and glue to make a face for your ornament. From there, use scrapbook paper and markers to create a tail for your turkey, and attach them to the back with glue. Now it's time to enjoy your adorable new ornaments! (And maybe sneak a treat or two.) 
Gratitude Rocks 
Instead of just saying what you're thankful for, create rocks to name the list of reasons you are grateful. Your whole squad will love this and it will be a great reminder to always be appreciative!
Find smooth and flat rocks. Rinse and set aside to dry. Use Elmer's 'Painters' Opaque Paint Markers to decorate rocks and write out what you are thankful for!
DIY Thanksgiving Plates
Instead of bringing out the plates from the attic that you only use once or twice a year, make your own creative plates for Thanksgiving Day! All you need is ceramic plates, a sharpie and a fun Thanksgiving message in mind to pull this one off. Feel free to try different colored Sharpies or an oil-based Sharpie for longer lasting ink. Let Sharpie ink dry and then place plate in cold oven. Turn oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let completely cool to keep plates from cracking! 
Being thankful has never looked so good! We can't wait to see which ones you try out. Happy Thanksgiving, to each and every one of our amazing Little Roseberry readers! 


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