Easy Spring DIYs

Easy Spring DIYs

 It's springtime in Austin! That means the weather is gorgeous and it's the perfect time to get to outdoor crafting. Check out a few of our favorite spring DIYs below! 
Seed balls DIY - 
FYI - After creating these, you'll want to plant under a layer of dirt. Then watch as your seeds grow! This is a fun project that is environmentally-friendly too. 
You'll need old paper, seeds, a bucket, a few bowls, a strainer or colander and an optional paper shredder and cookie cutters. 
Collect the paper you'll want to use. Think old newspapers, junk mail, paper towels, etc. 
Tear up paper into very small pieces or use paper shredder. Proceed to put pieces into large bucket.
Now fill bucket with water and soak for a few hours. 
After soaking, place paper into blender. Only fill the blender up 1/3 at a time to prevent clumping and messes. From here, fill the blender with water 1-2 inches above the paper. Fill until you have a mushy pulp. The more it blends, the better the chances of it sticking together. From here, pour your pulp mixture into a colander to drain some water. Continue blending and draining until all soaked paper is blended. Go ahead and pour the paper mush into a new bowl. Make sure to leave some of the water in the paper mush, as this will help with molding into fun shapes.
Now it's time to pour any seeds that you would like into the paper mush! Knead them in with your hands. If you want to make shapes with cookie cutters, it's the time! If using cookie cutters, press your pulp firmly into the cutters and use paper towels to get rid of any extra water. Remove gently from cookie cutters and place on a drying rack. If anything breaks off, you can just mold it back into place! Now it's time to dry your beautiful creations! This can take a few days but the process will go faster if you leave them outside to dry.  
Happy planting! 
Mini Eggshell Vases 
These are as fun as they are adorable! You'll need an egg crate, a dozen egg shells, adhesive putty, a spring bouquet, scissors and water.
Start by using a spoon to crack into the egg while simultaneously rotating it. Create a circle at the top about 1 inch in diameter. From there, remove the circle and any other stray pieces. Remove the egg and rinse the outside of the shell with water. Turn over to drain and dry. Do this until you have a dozen empty shells. 
Next, stretch and knead a baby-pea sized amount of adhesive putty to activate. Place the putty on the very bottom of an egg shell. Gently press the putty into egg shell. Now put the egg shell into the crate and place your finger inside the shell. Softly press while twisting the egg shell to secure. Do this until the crate is full.
Fill each egg shell 3/4 of the way full with water. If desired, feel free to dissolve flower food in water prior.  
Cut flower stems short enough to cover the top of the egg shells. Let the heights of the stems vary slightly for a more artistic look. Cover the tops of the egg shells with greenery, and randomly add stems of smaller flowers to create the look.
Proceed to enjoy your gorgeous creations! 
Spray Chalk  
This one is so easy AND fun. All you need is 6 tablespoons of cornstarch, 3 cups of water, 10 drops of food coloring and spray bottles. Pro tip - Go thrifty with spray bottles purchased at the dollar store. Mix all of the ingredients together and proceed to pour into spray bottles. Spray on sidewalk or lay paper down to create fun art for the fridge. That's it! Creating hours of fun has never been such a breeze. 
Now get out there and make memories in this gorgeous spring weather! 


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