Empower The Little Girl In Your Life

Empower The Little Girl In Your Life



In Little Roseberry we’re all up for women empowerment. We believe that supporting and encouraging women to go after their dreams and goals should be a must. Because even though we've made a lot of progress for women's rights, it is still difficult to be a woman in today’s society. Society as a whole has many underlying patriarchal ideas about how people should act and think that make us want to celebrate Women's Equality Day on August 26 more than ever before because there are so many ways our culture continues to suppress the abilities of women throughout their lives.


Throughout history, women have been deprived of their basic civil rights. This was the case in America until 1920 when they got to vote for the first time after a long struggle for women and supporters of equal rights. In 1920, after an arduous fight for voting rights among women and their supporters, the 19th Amendment was passed. 


With this amendment came a new era of equality in America - one that we celebrate each year on Women's Equality Day to remember those who fought so hard before us. August 26th every year since 1971 is dedicated to commemorating all American citizens' equal right to vote regardless of gender.

In celebration of Women's Equality Day, Little Roseberry has compiled a list of activities/things that can be done with your family to celebrate and empower the little women in your life. This blog post is for anyone who has children in their lives and wants to teach them about equality in an engaging way. We hope you enjoy our suggestions! 


  • Highlight their qualities other than looks.

  • Telling our girls how cute, pretty or beautiful they are might seem harmless but this behavior can lead them to develop a sense of self-worth that’s dependent upon the way they look. Although we all get that it is adorable for toddlers and baby girls to be dressed in tutus and other outfits considered to make them look cute, remember these messages aren't empowering for her. Looking cute is nice, but is not what matters the most. Instead, try to use words such as “tenacious”, "innovative", "productive", and “empathic" to describe your daughter.


  • Build up her confidence so that she can look after herself.

  • Encourage your daughter to pick her battles with bullies while also arming her with essential skills she needs as she grows up. Teach her how to say "stop," and provide strong body language for when it's needed, such as putting hands on hips or looking the bully in the eye without showing any emotion - no matter what age! A confident voice is key to stopping a bully in their tracks. Make sure she knows she can come to you anytime for help.


  • Keep her attention away from unattainable beauty standards.

  • Help your daughter ignore the unrealistic beauty standards spread all over the media and show her images of strong, healthy women athletes or intellectuals instead. Women like Simone Biles (Olympic gymnast), Malala Yousafzai (Activist; youngest Nobel Prize laureate; founder of The Malala Fund), J.K. Rowling (Writer; Author of Harry Potter fantasy series; Philanthropist), Emma Gonzalez (Activist for gun control; Survivor of the Parkland High School Shooting) and Tsai Ing-wen (Former President of Taiwan; First woman to be elected; First president of aboriginal descent). It is also important to involve other women as role models in your daughter's life. Strong female role models in her life will greatly influence her, especially if being exposed to them from a young age. These women can provide love, support and advice as she grows up.


  • Allow her to be wild

    For some reason, society tends to make a big difference in girl/boy behavior. When boys are rowdy and loud, it seems like the normal way for them to act,  why should girls be so different from boys? If a girl does the same thing, the tendency is to tell her that she's being too loud and that she needs to calm down and behave herself. That's doing her a disservice because it’s teaching her to dim light and be a good girl while all other boys are encouraged wild free. Let’s allow our girls to also behave this way! 


  • Push her to find her calling

  • There are so many assigned roles that women get that it could make it hard for a little girl to see outside the box and choose for herself what is it that she likes and what is it she’s interested in. Every child has a unique "spark" that, if nurtured, it gives their life meaning and purpose. Whether it's a sport or dancing, writing or building things, help your daughter find what she truly loves doing and encourage her to pursue it. They already have the status quo against them. As a loving parent or adult in this little girl’s life, let’s try to ease the load.


    Sadly, we all know that girls have so many obstacles to overcome. They are constantly told they can't do this or don't need to be doing that. Girls are taught from a young age not to speak up and be heard. We hope this blog post will help you teach the little girl in your life how she can reach for the stars by empowering her with some tips on self-respect, independence, and confidence in order to create an enthusiastic future female leader!

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    Happy Parenting!





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