Fall Fun and Crafts

Fall Fun and Crafts

It's officially fall, y'all! That means Halloween costumes, fun festivals, football, spooky movies, pumpkin spice and everything nice! Can you tell we're a little excited over here? To celebrate the fall fun, we wanted to share with a handful of our favorite seasonal crafts with our favorite ladies! These are perfect for the kids too, so get ready for some family fun! 
Pumpkin Playdough!
Add one 15 ounce cup of pumpkin with two tablespoons of pumpkin spice. Gradually add two to three cups of corn starch until dough begins to farm. Then start kneading with your hands! If needed, add more cornstarch until desired consistency is reached. 
Acrylic Acorns
Painting acorns is fun for the kids and a great decoration for your house during the fall season! We love win wins. Have the kiddos gather up plenty of acorns and use acrylic paint and brush strokes for the best look. Adding some gold or sparkling colors makes all of the difference in the wow-factor of these little guys too. Let dry and place in a bowl. Just like that, you have your seasonal centerpiece! 
Crayola Pumpkins 
With a small white pumpkin, a pack of Crayola crayons, some clear tacky glue and a blow dryer, you can make the most lovely of pumpkins. It's easy too - Peel the paper off each crayon, and proceed to glue crayons around the top of the pumpkin. Begin to blow dry your pumpkin, and make sure to do so at various angles to get the full artistic effect. This can get messy, so it might be best to do this outside or with a drop cloth in the mix! 
Fall Bucket List
Grab some large popsicle sticks, a small tin bucket, chalk, a clip-on chalkboard sign, chalk, paint and a paintbrush. Optional is decorative bucket-filling of your choice. Think of fun fall activities you wish to accomplish and paint as many sticks as activities you have in mind. Wait for paint to dry, and proceed to write your fall activity goals on popsicle sticks with a Sharpie. Write "Fall Bucket List" or "Fall Goals" on chalkboard sign and clip onto 
your bucket. Now it's time for you and the fam to get to work on those fall activities! 
Foil Art
Have paint, paper plates, foil and paper? Then you're already ready to make this fall craft! Crumple the aluminum up into a ball shape and proceed to dip the foil into your festive-colored paint. From there, you're ready to dab the paint onto the paper. Tell the kiddos to try using different amounts of pressure to create a variety of tree looks! When you're done with the "leafs", attach the trunk to the rest of the tree. You won't believe how beautifully these turn out. We're talking frame-worthy, y'all! 
We can't wait to see how these fall projects turn out for you! Happy crafting! 


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