Hey mamas! We know life can get a little hectic, and we want to try to help you make it just a bit easier. So we've collected some simple but ingenious life hacks to make your day just a little less crazy, and to keep your kids even happier. Let us know your favorites, or if you've tried any of these yet. Enjoy!

Nasty sunburn? No problemo! Fill an ice tray with aloe. The cold temperature paired with the magical plant extracts will soothe that burn in no time.


Try a drying rack for storing coloring books. The attached caddy can hold markers, crayons, and more. It's the perfect size for artwork!


Does your little one have a sore throat? Have you tried the marshmallow trick? Something about the gelatin soothes the throat, and may moms swear by this trick!


Add paper and colored pencils to an old DVD case, and decorate if you're feeling extra creative. Boom! Instant travelling art set for the kiddos.

Squeaky wooden floors? Just dust with baby powder! The powder leaves things nice and fresh while keeping the screeches on the down low. Simply sprinkle some onto the squeaky area, and sweep it into the cracks with a broom.

 Use a shower curtain as a mat for painting and messy play to protect your furniture.

Messy car? Turn a plastic cereal container into a car trash can! Clean car, Happy mom.

 Wrap phone charges or earbuds around old gift cards to keep those icky tangles away.

Add toys to a baby pool to keep your littlest ones entertained indoors.

Recycle your old baby food jars and turn them into herb/spice jars! Perfect for storing pepper and paprika.

Keep doors from closing with a rubber band.

Glue gun the bottom of kid's shoes so they won't ever be slippery.

Use a cupcake liner underneath ice pops. No more drips or sticky messes!  


Have a kiddo who hates medicine? Try the sucker trick. Dip a sucker in the medicine and let the child lick it each time you dunk it. When the medicine is all gone, they can finish the lollipop 

Fill a clean sock with rock salt and a couple of drops of an essential oil. Heat  on medium-low heat for around five minutes. From there, put on your child's ear. Mineral+heat= less pain!

Teething baby? We're here to help. Put a baby spoon in the freezer before giving it to your tot to suck on. The combination of the cold and pressure will help to ease the swelling and pain.

If you're constantly misplacing or tangling your jewelry, try organizing it in an ice cube tray. (Also works great for organizing your kid's littlest trinkets)

Hack away, mommies!



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