Halloween is a festivity that gets all kids excited because of “Mr. Candy”. In the beginning of spring my son starts asking - Is it Halloween yet mommy? Adorable! So this goes on for a few months until he gets tired of asking.

This halloween My son, Little Roseberry and I are going to celebrate it with a spin. We found the coolest, most popular Halloween games for this year. We hope that you put them to practice. Keep in mind that our halloween games are age appropriate for toddlers and older kids too, enjoy!


We are breaking the ice with: Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

We purchased 3 skeletons but they went missing. It’s the goal of our participants to find them! We painted the skeletons in three different colors to make the findings a lot easier.

You’ll Need

3 plastic skeletons from the Dollar store.

Total Cost $3

What To Do

  1. Make teams of 2 or 3 people.
  2. Cut apart the bones of a small size sized skeleton (6 bones/pieces approximately on each skeleton)
  3. Hide the bones throughout the house or yard
  4. Have players hunt for the bones, and bring them back to a certain place
  5. Then they must work together to put the skeleton bones back together
  6. The finishing participants get a winner sticker (everyone gets one) and they move to game 2


Halloween Game 2: Rat Toss

This is the Halloween version of the bean bag toss. Kids and adults would love playing this game! Perfect game for dads to test their tossing skills all afternoon long. We purchased glowing plastic rats instead of bean bags to toss and pumpkin treat buckets for the game.

You’ll Need

6 pumpkin Treat buckets from the dollar store

1 Set of Number decals or a Sharpie

1 bag of heavy plastic rats

Total Cost $8

What To Do

  1. Get the kids in a line and start tossing the rats.
  2. Each child gets six rats to throw
  3. Keep score of the number of rats deposited in the buckets
  4. When finished, they move to the other end and they have to jump in place for the number of missed rats.


Halloween Game 3: Tin can Toss

A carnival classic, this fun game is perfect for Halloween parties or any other occasion. Make your own at home to remove boredom, the kids would get busy playing this game when they’re not in school. In just 4 easy steps, you’ll have a quick and easy game that every child is sure to love.

You’ll Need

6 vegetable cans

6 metal paints

1 set of paint brushes

3 small pumpkins

Total Cost $15

What To Do

  1. Mark with tape the place where the cans are going to be sitting.
  2. Mark with tape where the kids get to throw
  3. Give each child 3 small pumpkins and allow them to toss down the cans

Halloween Game 4: Pumpkin and Ghost Bowling

Fun and clever outdoor game for all ages. Be sure to get your cameras as you would expect laughs and smiles with this spooky game as they knock down the spooky ghosts with a pumpkin, converted into a bowling ball.

You’ll Need

6 rolls of toilet paper

1 medium pumpkin

1 sheet of black paper or foam paper for the eyes


Hot glue gun

Total Cost $8

What To Do

  1. Arrange a triangle of 6 rolls of toilet paper
  2. Players take turns gently rolling a pumpkin into the rolls of toilet paper
  3. Players have three chances to knock them all down


Halloween Game 5: Mummy Dress Up

Who doesn’t love dress up! But first get your video cameras ready! This Terrific game will be a memorable one! The goal is to see who can make a mummy the quickest. Divide the children into groups, give them crepe paper or toilet paper and let them wrap a mummy. It's fun, easy and cheap! If you want parents involved, make each parent wrap one child, if two parents are present, each one gets to wrap one child :)

You’ll Need

2 rolls of crepe paper per child

Total Cost $1/ child at Dollar Store

What To Do

  1. Divide the children into groups of 2 or 3.
  2. Give them 2 rolls of crepe paper per child
  3. Let them wrap a mummy.


Halloween Game 6:Monster Charades

We made a tweak to this game. Its fun, silly and just adorable! Get your video cameras ready!

You’ll Need
Popsicle sticks or strips of paper

Sheets of paper


Total Cost $1

What To Do

  1. Write down monsters names on the end of popsicle sticks and hide time in a cup with beans or candy in it.
  2. Divide the children into two groups.
  3. Have kids draw one popsicle stick at a time and their goal is to act out what’s on their stick as a team.
  4. See if Parents can guess what it is

NOTE: Another Option is to have the kids color their monsters and make an art Gallery. Parents get to bid for their art by depositing candy next to each piece os art made.


Halloween Game 7:Witches Stew Game

Bahaha a Berry Spooky Game. This game requires skill and lots of air :)

Kids have to help make a Witches Stew, then parents get to drink it and get the candy spell. The candy spell gives kids all of the candy in the world when they want... Yeah right! This can only be my sons dream.

You’ll Need
1 bag of fabric puffs or small paper cutouts

1 bag of straws

Witches bowl or a cup

1 plastic cup to hold the puffs

Total Cost $3

What To Do

  1. Place round puffs in a cup next to a small witches bowl
  2. Using the straw as a vacuum, each person tries to pick up a fabric puff from the plastic cup and place it in the Witches bowl to create the Witch’s Stew
  3. Time the players equally and see who can get ten in the bowl.

Voila the best Halloween Party for less than $30 bucks. Provided to you by Little Roseberry.

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