Hidden Texas Gems To Visit This Summer

Hidden Texas Gems To Visit This Summer

This summer is a wonderful time to discover a lesser known travel destination. Texas is a big state, so it's relatively easy to overlook some amazing spots. Prepare to wow your family with one of these Texas hidden gems! 

 - Huntsville's Blue Lagoon

The clear blue water, sunken boats and even an airplane make this a treasured spot for scuba divers. The lovely pine trees, limestone rocks and overall beautiful setting make this a great place for all to explore! 

- Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

This public art installation was created in 1974 and is absolutely worthy of all of the photos. Ten sets of graffiti-covered Cadillac tail fins were buried in sequence starting from 1949 and ending in 1964. These lovely locals were buried at the same angle as the Great Pyramids, and stand as symbol of the American Dream. Bring spray paint to leave your own personal mark! 

- Gorman Falls 

While the terrain of this three mile hike is admittedly rocky (literally and figuratively), the view of the stunning waterfalls at the end make the trek more than worth it! 

Troy General Store

It may seem odd to take a trip just to visit a general store, but bear with us. This general store offers some of the best BBQ in Texas, tasty coffee, gorgeous outdoor seating, fresh produce, its own backyard garden and the friendliest folks around town. Sit down at one of the picnic tables and share conversation with a stranger, or just peruse around the store until you find something special. Chances are it won't take long! 

- Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve 

Located in Austin, this preserve is made up of 227 acres and two and a half miles of hiking. It boasts gorgeous views without a required tedious amount of hiking, making this a perfect outing for family time! Make sure to look out for the small but lovely waterfall on your visit. 

- Palmetto State Park

Appropriately named for the palmetto trees in the park, this gem has jungle-like vibes. Birds, white-tailed deer and nine-banded armadillo grace this park, so keep your eyes open for a diverse amount of wildlife! The San Marcos River runs through this park, so it's also a great spot to canoe, swim and fish. Consider staying the night and camping for even more exploring time!  

- Caverns of Sonora 

These are known as one of the most beautiful show caves in the world. These caverns were carved from limestone approximately one-and-a-half million years ago and offers one of the greatest collections of calcite crystal formations in the universe. Go for the guided tour, or to camp, hike, or search for gemstones. This one is literally a hidden gem! PSA - Don't miss out on buying homemade fudge from the gift shop afterward! 

 - Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge 

Animal lovers, this one is for you! This is 98,000 acres of protected natural habitat. This park houses several types of endangered species, including captive-bred falcons. Open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, it's also a perfect spot to hike, bike or take a tour to learn more about the protected wildlife. 

From caves to waterfalls to lagoons, you'll get a little bit of everything whilst exploring the beautiful state of Texas. These locations will make summer 2018 a season of adventures that you and your fam will never forget! 


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