4th of July is around the corner and in Little Roseberry we're ready to celebrate! Fireworks are very common and popular during these dates.  4th of July and fireworks pretty much go hand in hand, but the truth is that not everyone enjoys them.  Although fireworks seem like a great way to celebrate and a pretty neat spectacle to be part of, some families struggle every year when these events come around due to their loved ones having a hard time dealing with them.  Autistic people, toddlers and babies are among those who don’t seem to enjoy experiencing events with fireworks. Also pets, specifically dogs, can find fireworks very stressful and scary.


The loud noises of fireworks can easily cause sensory overload and confusion for young children or pets. They could also lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and fear – which is never a good thing. Here in Little Roseberry we want to share with you a few things you can do to avoid having a hard time dealing with fireworks.  People who dislike them rarely would be part of an event they know will have them, but unfortunately sometimes they get caught up in them or live in an area where they can’t avoid hearing the explosions during celebrations. Fireworks can be a great show and large crowds gather together to see the spectacles, not everyone may feel comfortable.  Here are some of the things we think might help:


1) Explain beforehand - For both kids and adults, knowing about an activity happening ahead of time is a much less anxious experience when they know what's coming next. Watch some videos with them online about different events so they know what to expect and why it is happening.  It will probably avoid the surprise factor and jump scares.


2) Keep it stress-free - If you are anxious about fireworks yourself, ask your spouse or another trusting adult to take your children or anxious person off of your hands for a while so that they don’t pick up on the anxiety vibes from you. Calmness can be passed on, if one person in the family remains calm and happy during this time then everyone else will too.


3) Have a friendly atmosphere - Seeing other kids enjoying the show may help your child realize that there is no immediate danger and can be enjoyable, giving them confidence to enjoy it as well.


4) Sound cancelling headphones - Sometimes it's hard to share an experience with someone who is not yet ready. You might want to make them feel included, but sometimes they're just enjoying being on their own for the first time.  If that sounds like your little one, don't force anything and let them have space.  Try using headphones or giving them something else as entertainment or distraction instead of forcing yourself in their personal bubble - they'll probably be more willing when you try again next time.


People who love animals know that fireworks can be a scary thing, your furry friends don't have to live under this stress during these times.  There are many ways you can prepare for these loud events so make sure you're well prepared before it starts. With some simple preparations before the event begins, pets will feel much more comfortable with what's going on around them and won't give their anxious energy over to being scared or angry which is good news not only for our pet but also us as owners because we'll get less stressed out too.  Here are some of the things we think might help:



1) Walk them before there’s fireworks - One of the best ways to protect your pet is by making sure that they are safe during fireworks season. Walk them during daylight hours, and ensure that you're not just taking a stroll when there might be a spectacle going on.  You might even want to skip it that day if you’re unsure of the times.  You can play with them in your yard for a little longer to get them tired.  We promise one day without their daily walk will be better than the stress of firework exposure.

2) You can build a safe space inside your house for them to spend their time while you know fireworks will be taking place. Close windows and curtains during the event, or even before it starts if possible so that they don't have any idea of what's going on outside.



3) To avoid your dogs getting crazy with all the noise from fireworks, put on ambient sounds. Try white noise, music, or the TV to mask outside noises so that you can enjoy a happy and peaceful night with your furry ones without too much stress. Put some calming background sound on like classical music to help keep things quieter during this stressful holiday.

4) Dogs are emotional beings, you might want to Comfort them with long, slow firm strokes along the length of their body. This will help make them more comfortable and ease any discomfort they might be feeling during this scary time for them.


Fireworks shows are always an iconic way to celebrate, but it can be scary for some people who live close by a location where fireworks are common or have a fear of fireworks. There is no doubt that they add excitement and joy to celebrations, though this may not apply to all audiences in the area. Luckily there are ways we can help those around us cope with their phobia, we hope these ideas we gave you can help ease the situation for you and your loved ones. 



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Happy Parenting!



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