The Little Roseberry fam is always excited to go on a museum adventure.  Visiting museums is a great opportunity for your kids to get exposed to things they would not ordinarily see related to animals, space, history and a bunch of other interesting topics. However, If you don’t take them often or if they’re fairly young, they may become overwhelmed or easily distracted by the new sights and sounds.

If you're looking for an awesome, kid-friendly way to spend a day with your kids and explore museums or exhibits together then here are some great tips! Kids of all ages will enjoy the opportunity to experience new things. With these ideas in mind, we’re sure that museum visits will be a frequent activity for your family from now on.


The Museum is a great place for kids to learn and explore! It can seem like there are never enough hours in the day, but museums offer plenty of opportunities to jumpstart your child's imagination. These five ideas will keep them engaged as they wander through displays with you or on their own at quiet times:



  • Ask your kids what it's like to be in the museum, and have them take you on a tour.  If it’s your first time there, let them lead and follow their instincts and interest.  If this is a regular location you visit, let them take charge of the day and show you around like you’ve never been there before.  You can bring some props so they can show where their favorite part is!

  • The best way to get the most out of a museum is not to rush through it, but rather stop and study one thing. You should look for facts about that era or geographical region while you're there - if there's something in front of an exhibit with info on what kind of object this was made from and where it came from, take note! Knowing the story behind the exhibit will engage your kids on what the museum has to offer.


  • Rather than just looking at the world around you, make observations! You can play games like “ I spy with my eyes…” to notice interesting details around the exhibits.  It will help your kids try to see beyond the obvious. This is a great way to keep their brain engaged while taking a break and sitting before getting up again for more adventuring around the museum.

  • Another great game to get kids interested in what the museum has to offer is “Speed See”, which consists of looking at an exhibit for 30 seconds, then you have to turn away from the display and describe everything that you saw on it in detail before time runs out! This game works great for large paintings or other static displays. Keep track of how many things everyone can remember and eventually it’ll encourage your kids to pay more attention and become more observative, that way they will become more interested, will ask more questions and engage better when visiting the exhibits.

  • It is always tough trying to figure out how best to entertain little ones at museums, so what better than getting the tour guides involved. Doesn’t it happen to you that sometimes when someone new introduces a topic or new info to your little one they pay a bit more attention? Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it can work to our advantage. If your child is able to, encourage them to write their question down for you! Most museum curators love reading responses from children so they can hear what interests kids about each exhibit.



Did you know that over 60% of children will not visit a museum in their lifetime? And that's a shame, because museums are such an important part of our world. Museums can teach us about the past and inspire us to create for the future. They're also just so darn cool! We hope this helps give you ideas on how to make your next museum visit a great time for the family to enjoy together.  



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