Getting sleep with a little one can be tough. You may have thought you knew what sleep deprivation was before, but once baby arrives, there will be times you would almost sell your soul for a few hours of rest. The good great news is, it does get better. Until then, Little Roseberry is here to share some facts, tips and even one of our own Roseberry products to help you and yours get a better night's rest.

Fact: Babies have shorter sleep cycles than you do. Adult sleep cycles (going from light to deep sleep, and then back to light sleep) lasts an average of 90 minutes. Infant sleep cycles are shorter, lasting 50 to 60 minutes.

Fact: Sleep helps your baby develop. Sleep has a direct link to infants’ development and growth.

Fact: Don’t try to keep your baby up to make him sleep at nighttime. A baby who is well-rested will go to sleep more easily and sleep better at night than a baby who isn’t.

Fact: Give your baby plenty of light in the daytime, and keep it dimmer in the evening. This will later help regulate the production of melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone naturally released by our bodies.

Sleep Tips:

  • Stick to a bedtime. Making a routine will make it easier for your baby to quickly fall asleep at night.

•Get into the routine. Thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime, start a soothing ritual that may include giving a bath and reading a story or two.

    • Bathtime, paired with soothing strokes from a washcloth and soft, hushed sounds can help your baby get ready for a great’s night rest
  • •Consider putting your baby in their crib or co-sleeper while awake. Babies and toddlers wake up to six times a night, and if they are used to you rocking them, they may cry. This will get little one used to soothing themselves to sleep.

    •Swaddle for the first three months. (Or until baby can roll over on their own) Research shows that infants who are swaddled wake up less and sleep longer than other babies.

    • If your baby seems sensitive to household sounds, try running a white-noise machine or a fan in her room. These noises remind them of when they were in utero, and thus can be very calming.

    •Let the sun in. Expose your baby to about 30 minutes of light each morning. Light suppresses the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. This will help set an internal clock and it will be easier for baby to fall asleep at night.

    • Make sure baby eats before bedtime. Some parents even wake little one up to feed. The fuller, the sleepier!
    • Little known fact: Making eye contact with your baby is similar to giving her a cup of coffee. Blood pressure rises and heartbeat speeds up. Avoid eye contact when it’s time for some shut eye.
    • Try giving baby a small stuffed animal or blanket that you cuddled with first. If it smells like you, baby is likely to be more at peace and sleep longer.
    • Use Little Roseberry Baby Sleep Remedy to help your little one get a great night’s rest. With all-natural and safe ingredients like lavender and chamomile, both you and your little one will get some much needed shut eye!
    • Let us know how these work and if you have any special sleep tricks of your own!


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