Many of our health problems are tied to CAPITALISM and GREED

If you think about the all the chemicals added to elongate the shelf life of food, hormones injected to increase the size of supply to maximize overall cost, or all of the unethical practices and processes to make everything convenient and addictive, which can cause an unhealthy chemical balance, then requires medication to fix the problem, this can all tie to capitalism and greed ---- the answer to all of this is ORGANIC. 

Big corporate companies do not want you to know this and lobby very hard to keep this a secret or gain political support through massive contributions.  This will decimate their profits if everyone knew of the negative domino and ripple effects to our health that can cause an array of problems like autism, ADD / ADHD, delinquency, etc…  all for a profit.  It gets better (sarcasm).  Then, you have the same companies partnering together on the drug side to sell drugs that correct these problems that greed and capitalism started to begin with, which FURTHER CAPITALIZING on the problems which were created by greed to begin with.

Through my life experiences, I have quickly learned morality and the unconditional ethic of the golden rule, One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”  

I am certain that the heads of these big corporations do not abide by this, and quite frankly will not even use their own products.  Ask yourself, do you think the CEO of McDonalds will go 6 straight months of eating at his restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Plenty of variety!  I bet the answer is NO.  If he did, he would reconsider their practices.

Quite frankly, this makes me sick to my stomach.  The pictures below show the side effects of children skin concerns due to hidden chemicals in "the most popular children skin care brands,"  that market themselves as natural and good for your little treasures.  As a mom, I do not lie because I have a treasure to protect and if you are like me, you will invest in our company products because WE understand in doing business ethically, for the greater good of society…


Little Roseberry President, Brizy Tait


Size: 4ounces

Fragrance: Unscented


Made with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Witch Hazel to promote hair wellbeing. Our Hair Gel for kids offers a gentle formula packed with vitamins to protect delicate hair. Our organic Hair Gel works for kids all ages! Light Hold Gel, perfect for the whole family!. Natural Hair Gel for men, that will not promote hair loss.  100% Toxin-free (No parabens, Sulfates), Vegan and cruelty-free. When we say fragrance and dye-free, we absolutely mean it! You won’t find any nasty chemicals that leave behind dry, greasy or sticky build up, as compared to other top name brands.