Hey, mamas. You've probably noticed that the forecast is looking pretty rainy for the next week or so. Worried about cabin fever? Have no fear,Little Roseberry is here! Having fun indoors while simultaneously learning is the best. That's why we have collected a few simple but totally awesome experiments for your kiddos to try. Warning- You'll probably have just as much fun with these as they will!
1. Walking on Eggs

Set up multiple (and completely full) egg cartons on the floor. Put an old, thin blanket or plastic sheet under them just in case, and then have your kiddos walk on them. Here's the awesome part- they don't break! Though fragile when struck, if you place your body weight directly onto them and the force is spread evenly, the dozen eggs can take your weight and support it. Have even more fun with this experiment by letting your kids make predictions about what will happen first.

2. Tornado in a jar        

A classic, but this one's even more simple! With just a jar, dish soap and water, your kiddo can make their very own mess free natural disaster. Emptied vitamin bottles work great for this one. Fill with water, let your little one squeeze in some dish soap and then shake, shake, shake. (Do you have the Taylor Swift song stuck in your head yet?) Instant tornado!

3. Magic Milk

Introduce your kids to the magic of chemical reactions! Pour milk onto a plate until it covers the base of plate. Add a few drops of different colored food coloring, and watch your kid's face light up. From there, add a drop of dishwashing liquid and watch the chemical reactions cause the different colors to begin mixing. Feel free to give your little one a toothpick to add to the swirling effects. The milk artwork if absolutely incredible!

4. Pennies and Vinegar  

Take ¼ a cup of white vinegar and mix in one teaspoon of salt. Add a handful old pennies to a metal bowl and slowly count to ten. Take out the pennies, rinse with water and wa-la! Your old, dirty pennies now look new and shiny! Explain to your fascinated kids that the acid in the vinegar is mixing with the salt to remove copper oxide, which is what made the pennies dull.

5. Traveling Water

Take three clear glasses, two different colors of food coloring and paper towels. Add water and color to two different jars. You will also need another empty glass of the same size for each pair of colors. From there, cut a paper towel in half and fold it into quarters lengthwise. Stick one end of the paper towel into the colored water and one end into your empty jar. The capillary action causes the water to travel up the paper towels into the empty jar. The middle jar fills up with water until the water levels of all the jars are equal, and the food coloring used is also a great lesson for the mixing of colors.

We can't wait to hear how these projects go with your little scientists!



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