The Inspiring Journey of former Little Roseberry's COO

The Inspiring Journey of former Little Roseberry's COO



Maria Luisa Hernandez, former Little Roseberry’s COO, has proven to be a warrior willing to fight for her life.  She has been a part of Little Roseberry since day one and thanks to her love and dedication to the company, Little Roseberry has become as successful as it is, still to this day.  Her well-organized management style was the foundation of the company's growth, and for that we will be forever thankful.  Her involvement in production and packaging kept the company running smoothly and she was a motivation to her staff, since she always gave 1000% to her duties.



Unfortunately, back in August 2019, Maria suffered a brain aneurysm that almost ended her life.  Due to the quick response of medical assistance and an emergency surgery that could have gone either way, she got another chance at life.  The aneurysm left her unresponsive for a couple of days, but her will to fight and the love of those around her gave her the strength she needed to keep on going.  After spending some time in the hospital to ensure her healing process, she was sent home without being able to move the right side of her body.  There was no sign of her knowing what had happened or recognizing her family because speech and movement were minimal. 


Nonetheless, her support system never doubted what she could be capable of, and with her supportive husband by her side, the unconditional care of her kids and her loving grandkids, she was able to make great improvement in little time. It has taken her great effort and strength to overcome the obstacles that the injury brought upon her life.  Luckily she has done her part by fighting and improving everyday with the help of physical, speech and occupational therapy.  


Nowadays, she’s able to sit up on her own, eat by herself and interact with those around her.  She enjoys singing along to her favorite songs, she’s able to understand and answer yes/no questions and calls her family members by name. It’s a great joy to see her FaceTime relatives and old friends and see how she recognizes them and laughs when they talk to her about heart-warming anecdotes they once shared.  It’s been quite a process but a successful one for sure. 


Maria Luisa has come a long way since that unfortunate accident on August 21, 2019. She has proven herself what she’s capable of and what love and care can do. Doctors had little hope for what the outcome was going to be.  The swelling of her brain, the fact that she lost part of her skull and the severity of her surgery left little to no hope for the medical professionals.  In theory, Maria Luisa’s incident was not a hopeful one and doctors didn’t expect her to make it.  Every MRI, blood test and study gave little to no chance of her situation to improve.  What they didn’t count on was that love, prayer and hope can do wonders and nothing is ever written.  Maria Luisa is still with us, almost two years after her unfortunate accident.  She has shown us that the will to live, the love of family and the power of will don’t need an explanation.  We are hopeful that this is only the beginning to a life full of more accomplishments and goals for Maria Luisa.



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