Treating Eczema

Treating Eczema

Hi, Roseberry Readers!
For today’s post, we’re going to start off with some quick facts.

Did you know that:
• Atopic Dermatitis is the most common type of eczema, and it resembles an allergen
• 1 out of every 10 kids will develop eczema? 
• Eczema is the most common issue treated by pediatric dermatologists?
• Scratching can cause eczema to worsen?
• That factors such as pollen, mold, heat and animal dander can make eczema worse?
• That eczema can spread on the body but is not contagious?

We know that having a little one with eczema can be stressful. Doctors still aren’t quite sure what the cause is, but they do know genetics, the environment and dryness level of skin are all factors. The good news is that eczema usually subsides by the time a child turns five. Though eczema may not be totally understood, there are ways to soothe your little one’s skin and your worry, mama. Follow these simple and quick tips to help treat eczema.

• Make sure your child’s water during bath time isn’t too hot, as this can dry out skin and worsen eczema
• However, bathing your little one often for short amounts of time (Think five to ten minutes) can add moisture and lessen bacteria.
• With a doctor’s approval you could try natural treatments such as an oatmeal soak.
• Stay away from scented soaps and scratchy clothing, as these could further irritate the skin.
• Pat your child’s skin dry after a bath as opposed to scrubbing.
• Use Moisturizers and soothing body washes for your child’s skin. Little Roseberry’s Shampoo+ Body Wash is scent and dye free, and is made with Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Fruit & Veggies. This gentle formula is packed with vitamins to protect sensitive skin.
Have any more tips or advice on treating or soothing eczema? Comment below, friends!!


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