What To Have In Mind When Having A Left-handed Kid At Home

What To Have In Mind When Having A Left-handed Kid At Home

Today is International Left Handers Day! And the Little Roseberry fam we have a bunch of them. Lefties are known to remember events better than facts, being highly adaptable (the fact that everything is mainly adapted for right handed people may a reason why), very creative and artistic as well as better at sports. How about that? Still, they don't have it as easy as they should.


There was a time when being left-handed was quite the struggle for children and adults alike. We lived in a world where everything was designed for people whose dominant hand was the right one, which hasn’t changed but people have come to realize that having a dominant left hand is just as normal.


A left-handed child can feel like an outsider, but it doesn't have to be that way. Lefties are outnumbered tenfold in the world's population and represent only 10% of all people who use their right hand for writing or sports activities; this is a great opportunity! Help your little one become accustomed with his/her unique abilities by developing them on both sides of the brain. You'll not only strengthen what makes him special, you will also help develop new skills while giving them time to get used to different styles. 



Now the question is: Is your child a leftie? You might not know, so here's how you can find out. Babies and toddlers tend to experiment with using every part of their body until they figure out what feels right for them. That means it may take some time before the answer becomes apparent - but don't worry! The process is gradual enough that parents often have trouble noticing when their kids first start leaning  one way or another in this regard (even if there are signs). So be sure to ask other adults who care about your kid- like grandparents, family friends, teachers etc., because these people likely notice things as much as we as parents do.



The left-handed and right-handed worlds are polar opposites! Lefties often lead more stressful lives because they're existing in a world meant for the right handed, but there's hope. Try to be extra accommodating to those left-handed kids around you. Remember that the internet has tons of stores specializing in everything from pens and school supplies to clothing and furniture just for them. Be sure to let those around them know their situation so they can also make things easier for them. Where they sit in school, how the computer/mouse are positioned, scissors or other supplies can be better adjusted when knowing the kid’s dominant hand.


Being left-handed doesn't have to be a problem for your child. For the most part, it shouldn't cause any major disturbances in their everyday life. Even if they come across something designed by righties that's tough or inconvenient, he/she should still be able to move forward and adjust without much difficulty!

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Happy Parenting!


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